Web Site Upgrade and Expansion

I’ve been thinking about it for months and now, I’m finally getting around to upgrading my web site. It is one part expansion and one part upgrade so it is not a full overhaul.

Upgrade first. The site is now approaching its fourth birthday and the world of websites, that makes it almost ancient.  That doesn’t mean it has to be thrown out because it is old, but it does need a refresh.  People who visit my site say they find it full of interesting stuff. Visitors usually visit more than one page.  And, I still like it but recognize that changes are needed.

It was originally designed to support more than one book and now there are four in print with a fifth coming.  So, I’m planning to add content and other tweaks. One of which is to have 15 – 30 second videos about each novel so that visitors can see/hear me talk about the book. Hopefully, when I get done, there will be at least one per book and possibly a few more.

Expansion second. One of the decisions I made last year as a way to build my brand was to become a professional speaker. I’ve been doing talks for free on a variety of subjects, but thought the time had come to get paid.

To do this, I needed a “speaker’s” site to go along with the “author’s” site. I’d already created the talking points to use in helping “sell” myself. For each topic, there’s info about what the audience will learn, a summary of the content and why the information is important. There will be links to vignettes from each speech so the visitor can see and hear portions of the content.

The calendar will be new.  Right now it is hidden under one of the tabs. Hopefully, it will be easier to find. The new calendar will be different than the list that is currently there and it will support both the speaker and author sites. The plan is to make it easier for visitors to see where I’m speaking and doing book signings.

While “my” web mistress is working on the site itself, I’m going to start recording the vignettes.  We should be finished with the “construction” part by the first week in February and by then, I should have most of the vignettes recorded and uploaded.

When it is done, when you go to www.marcliebman.com, you’ll have a choice – author or speaker. Click on either and it will take you to the appropriate site.

I won’t get into the technology that goes along with this because, quite frankly, I don’t understand it all. As long as it all works, that’s all I care about.

So, as they say in the TV and radio biz, stay tuned.

Marc Liebman

January 2017