Unfamiliar Writing Assignments Part Deux

A couple of weeks ago, the post was about writing synopses for the Derek Almer series of books. Mind you only one Flight of the Pawnee –was a finished product. Another – MANPADS – was written but needs work before it is ready to go to a publisher. Two – The Ass’m Draggin’ and Strawberry 9 – are yet to be outlined, much less written. The exercise was very helpful because it helped me think through the story lines of the two books and changed the order of the last two and how they will appear in the series.

My next conversation with my agent led to another challenging writing assignment. She’s part of a larger group that includes a production company that is looking for material for movies and TV mini-series. The group prefers published books. My assignment – synopses of the seven books in the Josh Haman series and a separate document on my thoughts (recommendations?) on which ones would be better as a stand-alone movie and which ones would make a great mini-series.

To be honest, I’m willing to bet that most authors would like their books to be a New York Times Bestseller and be made into a Hollywood blockbuster. I’d fall into that group but then reality strikes. It hasn’t happened yet and I’d be happy just to make money. If one is made into a movie or a TV or mini-series, it will be a dream come true. I’m just not holding my breath!

Creating the document about which book would be best suited to a movie or mini-series was one hardest writing assignments I’ve ever taken on. I had no idea of how to do it.

It took several attempts over several days before ones and zeros representing words and letters appeared on my laptop’s screen. Slowly the document came together. Then it was re-organized. Sections were added; others deleted or combined. Now it is almost done.

It has a chart showing which characters appear and re-appear in each novel. Another one has a book-by-book overview of themes and cultural issues that are addressed.

Then there are two that are episode by episode breakdowns with the events and the characters. One is based solely on the Forgotten. The second is a combination of Cherubs 2 and Big Mother 40.

Question one is it good enough? Hopefully, it will start a discussion about which book should be done and how. Question two, will they buy the rights to one or more or even better, the whole series.

Stay tuned. I’ll find out in a few months.

Marc Liebman

August 2018

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