The four jobs of the new author

Now that the book is out, I’ve discovered that I now have four jobs. Job One is being a father, husband and grandfather. Tenure at the husband workplace is approaching forty-three years, less as a father and even less as a grandpa.

Jobs Two, Three and Four are constantly being juggled. Job Two is performed during the day on Monday through Friday, I work for a niche consulting company. Unfortunately this job can be 24 X 7, requires a lot of travel and it can be unpredictable at times. It takes priority because it pays for my writing habit!

Job Three is being an author. This entails working on the books in the Josh Haman series. The second book, RENDER HARMLESS, was submitted to Fireship Press and hopefully, they’ll like it and then we’ll start the process of bringing it to market. In the meantime, I’m working on editing INNER LOOK which is the third book in the series.

Job Four is learning how to be an author’s publicist. Working with a small independent press means that the author has to do a lot of the publicity. So, I’ve spent time talking to magazines to see if they are interested in reviewing BIG MOTHER 40, calling museums and other forums to set up book signings. Progress is being made.

So, it’s a juggling act and depending on the time of day or day of the week, I could be working at one or more of these jobs. If nothing else, it keeps me really busy!