Thanks for the Ratings

While most authors (including this one) claim they write for themselves, the reality is that we like to share what our imaginations produce. And, we want them to be read and liked.

Probably, the best way to learn what others think is through the reviews by professionals and reader ratings. If you dig into the Amazon site and go to the Author’s page, you can root around and find the professional reviewer’s comments on my books. They’re all good. FYI, authors are limited on the number of these they can post on Amazon.

All the professional reviews (although I am sometimes a bit late) for my books on my website. However, it is the reader’s ratings on Amazon and Goodreads that are another and maybe better barometer of how well the novels have been received.

In my book, figuratively speaking, the more reviews, the better. So if you’ve read one of my books and haven’t done so, please post a review!

The following numbers were pulled (copied?) from the Amazon and Goodreads sites as I am writing this blog so they are as current as possible. Amazon readers uses stars. Goodreads readers grade on a five point scale and the show both the stars and the numerical score (shown below). Here they are:

  • Cherubs 2 – Amazon – 5 stars; Goodreads – 4.36.
  • Big Mother 40 – Amazon – 5 stars; Goodreads – 4.18.
  • Render Harmless – Amazon – 4 stars; Goodreads – 4.44.
  • Forgotten – Amazon 4.5 stars; Goodreads – 4.50.
  • Inner Look – Amazon – no reviews yet; Goodreads – 4.30.
  • Moscow Airlift – Amazon 4.5 stars; Goodreads – 5.00.

The Goodreads numbers average 4.46 that, if you use the star rating system is very close to four and a half stars. In other words, there are no clunkers in the Josh Haman series, at least so far and there’s one – The Simushir Island Incident – yet to be published this year.

While I’d like them to be all five star, that’s probably an unrealistic goal. So, to all you who read my blog and books AND post reviews, thanks. They are most appreciated.

Marc Liebman

September 2018

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