Marc Liebman, Author & Professional Speaker


Writing a Novel

What the attendees will learn:
The steps and process that will enable you to write a book.

Many people want to write a novel, memoir or a history book but they find the effort to be overwhelming but don’t know where to start. Neither did Marc. He read books, attended conferences, and searched the Internet. And then, finally, he took the plunge and found out that little of what he learned was helpful. After several failed attempts starting in 1988, a process evolved.

While Marc’s preference is fiction, the steps for non-fiction are roughly the same. The five steps Marc follows each has its own unique elements. They are:
1. Creating the book concept;
2. Developing the chapter outline;
3. Writing the first draft;
4. Editing and de-constructing the manuscript; and
5. Polishing so it can go to a publisher.

The method is designed to help break the creative process down into easy to finish pieces. As part of the presentation, Marc answers the ten questions he is often asked and provides tips in four areas:
1. How creative process works for him;
2. Time management;
3. Traps to avoid that gets him bogged down; and
4. Insight on software packages he tried.