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War in the Ukraine, Where Do We Go From Here

When Russia invaded the Ukraine for the second time on February 24th, 2022, most analysts thought that the war would be over in days, if not weeks. By August 2022, the war is still raging. And while the Ukrainians have suffered some reverses, they are still holding out and by some measures, winning.

For the Russians and Putin, the war has been a PR disaster for the Russian Army. Actions he wanted to prevent, i.e. keeping Finland and Sweden out of NATO have failed. They are on a fast track to join the alliance. His economy is being battered by sanctions, though not as effective as what has been touted, they are hurting the Russian economy and more importantly, the Russian people. 

This presentation provides some insight into the seeds of this war which really began in March 1991 when the Ukrainians voted in every oblast to not be part of the Soviet Union. Then, in 2014, the Ukrainians voted again not to part of the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian government as well as its people saw that their future was tied to European Union, not Mother Russia. This was too much for Putin and it led to the invasion in 2014.

Another under covered aspect of the war in the Ukraine is Putin’s claim that he is de-Nazifying the country. Where do those claims come from? Marc provides some answers which may surprise you.

So where do we – the world – go from here? Marc believes there are some interesting lessons learned that provide glimpses into how wars will be fought in the future. And, he has an interesting view on the long term effects the war will have not only in Europe, but around the world. The war’s impact on the world economy goes well beyond higher prices for gas and natural gas. Have Marc speak to your group and learn what these may be and why.

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