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The Four Dimensional Threat of the People’s Republic of China

Only now is the integrated, multi-dimensional threat the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) poses to the United States starting to be discussed publicly. Most intelligence experts in the U.S. will almost unanimously answer People’s Republic of China when asked “What country poses the greatest short and long-term threat to the United States?”

This presentation provides insight into the four dimensions of the threat presented by the P.R.C. Most talking heads focus on only one aspect of the danger rather than look at the on-going, integrated economic, cultural/political, military and special campaigns the P.R.C. conducts against the U.S.

In this presentation, Marc defines the four and how they threaten almost every aspect of American life. He also discusses the P.R.C.’s Achilles Heel and compares how the P.R.C. compares as a threat to the U.S. with Russia, Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). After listening to the material, you’ll be able to understand the context of each of the P.R.C.’s actions both domestically and internationally.

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