Speaker Topic

Outcome-Based Relationships

What the audience will learn:
When and where outcome based relationships are appropriate, who the key stakeholders are as well as how to measure success.

More and more buyers want their service providers to take on more operational and financial risk as well as perform more complex “work.” Traditional, buyer/seller FTE –based relationships do not fairly allocate risk nor does they reward the provider for taking on risk. Outcome base contracts closely align the buyer’s and supplier’s incentives and lead to much stronger and longer relationships.

Marc’s Presentation is ideal for business leaders responsible for business development for firms who sell complex services, consulting, and components for manufactured products such as tractors, trucks, airplanes, etc. He provides answers tailored to the audience’s interests to ten key questions about outcome-based deals:
1. Who are the key stakeholders?
2. When they are appropriate?
3. What aren’t there more?
4. What are the common risks and mitigation actions?
5. What are buyer and supplier change management issue?
6. What are the typical deal structures?
7. How long does it take to implement?
8. How do you measure success?
9. How are the statements of work constructed?
10. What type of contractual language is needed?

The answers to the questions comes from Marc’s business experience as a consultant to buyers and as senior executive for service providers that sold business management and information technology services.

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