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Naval Lessons from the American Revolution

When the Continental Navy was formed in October 1775, the Royal Navy had 350+ rated ships and another 150 in its fleet. The Continental Navy had none. In fact, our Founding Fathers had just decided to rebel against the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the world. At the time, England was the world’s only super-power.

England’s parliament and its prime minister Lord North counted on the Royal Navy to help the British Army win the land war and keep the Thirteen Colonies British. Over the next eight years and four months of war, the Continental Navy, formed in 1775, struggled. On paper, once could make a strong argument that it was decimated.

Yet when one looks at the other side of the ledger, the underfunded and under equipped Continental Navy coupled with privateers did quite well. They captured 3,087 British ships or 12 – 15% of the English merchant ship fleet along with about 12,000 English sailors.

The video covers the four naval lessons from the American Revolution that were valid in 1775 and are still valid in 2023.


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