Speaker Topic

Key Sales Force Performance/Efficiency Metrics

What the audience will learn:
How five simple and key metrics will help a business measure the performance of its sales force and identify where improvements can be made.

As a general rule, sales forces are over measured and under perform. The 80/20 rule applies in that 20 percent of the sales force closes 80 percent of the new business.

And, the “20 percent” chafes at all the rules and metrics for the “80 percenters” because their results speak for themselves. The dichotomy forces management to make compromises to accommodate the “20 percent” while it focuses on the “80.” Often the wrong metrics are used to determine what needs to be done. The compromises in how the two different groups are treated reduce morale and increase turnover.

Marc covers five key metrics plus data from won loss reviews that, if employed, will help sales and business development leaders gain a better understanding of how well their sales force is working early in the pursuit, not after it finds out that it lost to a competitor. Attendees will learn the metrics as well as the twelve questions they need to ask in any loss review.

Marc has managed sales forces in the business process management, IT outsourcing, consulting, and retail travel industries.

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