Speaker Topic

Disconnects in the Sales Process

What the attendees will learn:
Where disconnects are in the sales process for complex products and services and how they affect winning or losing a deal.

Most sellers of complex services or products don’t really understand “how buyers buy.” Sellers focus on “messaging,” “value propositions,” “differentiators” and relationships. Buyers are “Power Pointed” to death by pursuit teams who drone on making inane point as they hammer home the minute differences in their offering versus those of their competitors. In the process, seller’s lose sight of the fact that the buyer’s often don’t see the differences. Why, because the messages being communicated are disconnected from the buyer’s needs at that stage in the process.

The content of the presentation is based on insight Marc gained from sitting through hundreds of executive steering committee meetings with buyers who are considering outsourcing a function or service or acquiring a major software package. The audience will learn the difference between a “differentiators” which are “ho hum” to a buyer and a “separators” which get the buyer to sit up and take notice of your company and their potential to deliver value.

For 20 years, Marc worked as a consultant helping clients determine whether or not they should improve their own internal capabilities or hire an outside provider. His work went from selling the project to creating the business case to negotiations to transition and managing the relationship.

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