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Birth of a Novel – Flight of the Pawnee’s 14 year Gestation Period

Flight of the Pawnee was released on January 12th, 2021, 14 years after Marc penned the first draft. Originally, the book was supposed to be a stand-alone work.

In 2006, Marc finished V6 and thought the manuscript was ready to be submitted to a publisher or an agent. Over the next two years, Marc learned that most publishers wanted a series of novels featuring the same major character. Other publishers (and agents) suggested he write a more contemporary series, i.e. takes place around 2008.

Failure to find a publisher, Marc started on another manuscript which led to a manuscript that became Big Mother 40 and the award winning, seven book Josh Haman series. The publisher – Fireship Press – asked that Marc write a series so in his original marketing plan, Flight of the Pawnee was to be book eight of the Josh Haman series.

Along the way, Marc decided to use the manuscript as the first in new contemporary series with a new character, Derek Almer. The change required a significant rewrite because the book now takes place in 2015 and V16 was ultimately accepted by a publisher, Crossroad Press.

In this presentation, Marc takes the audience through his thinking and how the four book Derek Almer series evolved along with interest by a movie producer that went nowhere.

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