Speaker Topic

The Dirty Dozen Sayings That Will Make You a Better Leader

What the attendees will learn:
Ten phrases that if used as tactics or tools will make the individual a better, more effective leader.

There’s a big difference between leadership and management. Leadership is all about developing strategies, setting organization goals motivating subordinates and providing them with the resources to succeed. On the other hand, management concentrates on grouping and sequencing activities in the most efficient manner in order to achieve a stated business objective.

Marc shares 12 sayings that if used as leadership tactics will make an individual a much more effective leader. The phrases come from his experience as a:
• Naval officer (detachment-officer-in-charge twice, unit commanding officer three times);
• Managing partner/practice leader for two different consulting firms;
• Senior executive for a 27,500-person global business process management firm; and
• CEO running two different businesses.

Each adage of saying is supported by case studies taken from either Marc’s business or Navy career. The audience will learn the context as to why they are important and how best to use them. For example, one of the Dirty Dozen is “praise in public, chastise in private.” How often have you seen managers berate a subordinate in front of his/her peers and how do you and the individual feel?

Another one of the Dirty Dozen is “Don’t shoot messengers.” Leaders need to know what is going on in their organization so they can make decisions that lead to goal achievement. If one’s subordinates are afraid to approach their leader, then one loses a source of good information.

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