Series update from the author, publicist and project manager

In many blogs, and e-mails, book signings, I often talk about the Josh Haman series.  So, here’s a quick review of the titles (for those that are not out, they’re working titles), the books status and where Josh is in his career….  You can read more about them in separate blogs which will give you some context about the time, place and the plot but here’s the list in no particularly order.

BIG MOTHER 40 –It is out, and Josh is a lieutenant on his second tour in Vietnam.

RENDER HARMLESS – Am under contract for this book and it should be released sometime this fall.  I don’t have a tentative release date, but I am looking at September or early October.  Josh is on an exchange tour with the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm.  In the beginning, Josh is still a lieutenant, but is promoted to lieutenant commander in the book.

INNER LOOK – Now a commander, he’s assigned to temporary duty to a project in Washington that is to look at the damage John Walker’s treason did to the U.S. Navy.  This book is completely written and ready to go.  It takes place in 1986.

THE KURILE WEDGE INCIDENT – When the novel takes place in 1988 and Josh has been selected, but not promoted to captain when the book starts.  However, since he is in a captain’s billet, he is “frocked” which means he gets to wear the insignia, but not get paid as a captain until assigned his date of rank.  The book is written and will probably, because the plot involves North Korea, the plan is to submit it for acquisition in June, 2013.

MOSCOW AIRLIFT –I looked the manuscript about a year ago and it is, well, a mess.  I wrote the manuscript in the late 90’s and it shows!  This was my first attempt at writing a novel and it needs to be completely re-done.  I like the plot and some of the characters, but it needs a lot of work one of which is to change the timeline so it fits in Josh Haman’s career.   In short, a rewrite is in order and at some point I’ll have to decide whether or not to re-write or start over.

FLIGHT OF THE PAWNEE – Josh Haman has retired from the Navy and is doing special projects for friends in the CIA and the Department of Homeland Security.  It takes place in 2002, a year after 9/11.  The book is written, but before submitting it to the acquisition process, I want to go through it one more time.

CHERUBS 2 – This one takes place in during the early part of Josh Haman’s first tour in Vietnam.  It’s 1970-1971 and he’s a newly minted Naval Aviator and a lieutenant junior grade which is the same as a first lieutenant in the other U.S. armed services.  Am about two thirds the way through the first draft.

MANPAD – To be honest, this one is still in the conceptual stage.  All I have is an outline.  Haven’t started writing it yet, but it takes place after FLIGHT OF THE PAWNEE in the 2005 timeframe.

Marc Liebman

May, 2013