Introducing Rotorhead Media, LLC

Rotorhead Media LLC came out of the closet, so to speak, when Marc took back two of his books – Flight of the Pawnee and Failure to Fire. These two books will be re-released under the Rotorhead Media LLC umbrella. The plan is to release several new books under this imprint.

In addition, Rotorhead Media LLC is the “operating company” for which Marc works to write his blog, magazine articles, and books as well as produce the videos that are on his YouTube channel. In other words, everything on this web site is part of Rotorhead Media, LLC.

So, while you’re on the web site, check out Marc’s blog on the period of approximately 1770 to 1816 which is the end of the War of 1812 and you’ll learn about events in American history that do not appear in American history textbooks. 

Or look at the additional information on the Josh Haman series at  that follows his career from his first tour in Vietnam in 1970 until he commands a ship off the coast of North Korea in 1996. Or the Jaco Jacinto Age of Sail series at which is about the life and times of a Continental Navy midshipman Jaco Jacinto and a Royal Navy Midshipman, Darren Smythe. Or, useful information on the Derek Almer counter terrorism series at . And there’s a tab on the books that are in development - .

One of the more popular sections of the website is From the HAC’s Seat. These are all stories from my Navy career. HAC, for the record, stands for Helicopter Aircraft Commander.

You can also subscribe to Marc’s newsletter by clicking on Contact Marc on the link .His monthly newsletter contains information on what books he is working on, speaking events, podcasts, and other information.  

You can also find Marc on Facebook at and you can watch his history and aviation podcasts on his YouTube channel at

Marc  hopes you enjoys visiting his website. If you spot any problems, please contact him via the Contact Marc tab on his website and describe what you found.

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