Rhythm of Life

This was supposed to be written and posted yesterday, but it completely skipped my mind. No, it wasn’t because of all the hoopla around Easter because being Jewish, I don’t celebrate that holiday. And, no, it wasn’t because it was the second day of Passover. Nor is my excuse was that it was April 1st and not writing my blog was an April Fool’s joke.

Nope, I simply forgot. I didn’t remember until I was tired and ready to go to bed around eleven last night and didn’t have the foggiest idea of what I would write. By then, the creative part of my brain was done for the day.

So what’s my excuse? Let’s call it the rhythm of life, or in this case, the lack of it.

Back when I was working, life had a definite pace to it. Monday through Friday was focused on my job. Yes, being in the consulting business and on the business development side made it a 24 X 7 position, but for the most part, unless a proposal had to go out or one was prepping for a major meeting or traveling overseas, weekends were, at least theoretically, days off. The rhythm was five days on, two days off. Occasionally, it was modified by vacations and holidays where businesses closed.

Now that I’m retired, everyday is Saturday and the schedule is a lot looser. There’s no job to go to; no commute; no meetings to attend; no conference calls to dial into; and no deadlines to get something out the door.

Unless, of course, you factor in that I am an author. Most of the deadlines I face are self-imposed, i.e. to write a blog out every Sunday; complete a manuscript; send out query letters; take the time to work on getting speaking engagements; sign up for book fairs; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

To use an overworked business term, net net, my schedule is my own and for the most part, the work can be done when and where I want. All I need is a laptop; electricity (if I want to work longer than the battery lasts); and Internet connectivity for research. The only essential one is the computer. Without it, I’m out of business.

The focus of my working life for the past week is the last version of Moscow Airlift. It should have been published by now, but it isn’t. It should be, if I get the final version back to Penmore in the next day or two, out by the end of this month. So, its back to work for me, on a Monday no less! And, we’ll see what I can get done this week and get back into my rhythm of life, whatever that is!

Marc Liebman

April 2018

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