Questions From Book Signings

My first book was released in September 2012.  That’s six years ago and since then, I’ve signed books at industry trade shows, association events, supermarkets, weekly Rotary, Kiwanis and Lion’s lunches to name a few of the places.  In other words, there’s been more than one.

At each one, potential buyers often asked the same questions so here’s the unofficial the top eight.

Which is my favorite book?  This is akin to asking a parent who is your favorite child.  Do I like one more than the others, yes.  Does that mean I have a least favorite?  No, not really.  When asked, I flip the question around and ask them what they like in a book and take the conversation from there.

Are they available in e-books?  Yes and in several different formats.  Everyone knows Kindle, but there are other formats and you can get all my books in them.

Are they available as audio books?  Not yet, but they’re coming.  Big Mother 40 should be available in an audio book later this year.  The reason it wasn’t done earlier is cost.  Authors pay for the narrator either directly or through an advance taken out of their royalties.  Is there a market for audio books, oh yeah!  Until recently, the economics weren’t there.  More on this in a later blog when I have a release date.

Are they in libraries?  Don’t know.  Are they made available to libraries by the distributors, yes.  Do the libraries buy them?  I don’t have any information one way or the other.  Its not a market or channel I’ve pursued but will in the future.

Which book should I start with?  Pick one.  The Josh Haman series was written (The past tense is appropriate because the seventh and last book in the series should be out next year) so that one could start with any one.  There’s enough of the “back story” in each book so that one learns what happened in the past without having to read the prior books.  Would it help to read them in sequence?  Yes.  Is it necessary, no.

Where can I buy them?  The quick answer is the six hundred pound guerilla – Amazon.  The longer answer is any bookstore (online or brick and mortar) can order them from Lightning Source or Ingrams or you can order them from either Penmore.  The books what as known as POD – print on demand – so if it is not on the shelf, when the outlet orders one, the books are printed and shipped within 24 – 48 hours of the receipt of the order.  The only way you can get signed copies is from me.  To do so, go to my website and send me an email.  I respond within 24 hours and once I have a credit card payment, the book is shipped the next day.

Which one sells the best?  Big Mother 40.  This is based on the data I keep from book signing events.  #2 is Cherubs 2. Then one gets into longevity issues, i.e. how long the book has been out.

Which one has the most action?  They all have lots of action, some flying, some battle, some gunfights and hand-hand-combat.  Its not continual because one has to build the plot, but they all have lots of the above.

Just thought you would like to know.

Marc Liebman

December 2018

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