Now that BIG MOTHER is out (or will be by 10/24), what’s next?

The logical question to ask is that now that BIG MOTHER 40 is about to become a reality, what’s next?

Two things. First, make the book commercially viable because until that happens, nothing else matters. Over the next few months and during the first half of 2013, I am going to concentrate on promoting BIG MOTHER 40. Hopefully, this will result in a steady stream of favorable reviews in a variety of publications. At the same time, I’m also going to start to schedule some book signings, radio and TV interviews wherever possible and other types of events to generate publicity. By reading this blog, you’ve been part of the process and hopefully, you’ll buy a copy of BIG MOTHER 40.

Once I know the book is available which will be October 19th, you’ll see more e-mails and I’ll start tweeting to generate a following. Content on the web site will continue to be expanded and I’ll try to blog more.

All of which brings me to the “second thing” which is getting the next book in the series through the acquisition process. In the next couple of weeks, RENDER HARMLESS will enter the acquisition process and assuming Firesship likes it, the “plan” is to get it out six to eight months after BIG MOTHER 40 hits the streets. There’s a short blurb on RENDER HARMLESS on the web site to give you a flavor for what is coming and I’ll blog more about the plot and where it takes Josh Haman once BIG MOTHER is out. FYI, the title comes from a set of orders I once received which read, in part, “Find, neutralize and render harmless to the United States such enemies…..”

With that fun thought, I’ll stop.

Marc Liebman