New Website – Its Up and Running

This is the second of the two blog posts that I thought were released but wasn’t.  This one was supposed to be published on April 16th.  Again, due to blogger error, it was on the old site.  Soooo, here it is done.  Chalk it up to confusion and new technology.

My new website is done…. Well, sort of.   Its up and running and is, as planned. Now, when you enter in your browser, you’ll come to a landing page that gives you a choice – Marc Liebman the Author – or – Marc Liebman the Professional Speaker.

The speaker site is all new. It has lots of new content as well as short vignettes on everything. The vignettes are, in my mind a bit “rough,” but they say what I want. Eventually, I’ll get them re-done, but for now, they’re “good enough…” In both the vignettes and the words, there is information on each topic. The vignettes have excerpts from what I would say if hired.

The author site is based on the old one. My web mistress upgraded the technology and I added a bunch of new content. For each book, there’s a copy of the cover and excerpts from the novel. And, there is a short video on each book as one that is an overview of the Josh Haman series. On the “to do” list is adding all the reviews I’ve collected over the years.

New on the site is the “Fun and Dumb Things I’ve done in airplanes and helicopters.” Four of these stories from my flying career are done and posted. I’ve got a list of about twenty-five more that I have to write. The plan is to add one a month.

The FAQs and the Glossary have been expanded. You should find a lot of new material in it.  Glossaries from four books have been combined and after each book is printed, I’ll add new terms if my web mistress doesn’t shoot me – figuratively, of course.

The third thing that has to be posted are the awards my books have gotten. Now that I have the artwork, I’ve got to get the stuff on the site.  That stuff has already been sent to my web mistress – Christine Horner (

Both sides of the site should be much easier to navigate and you can go back and forth. Besides the two things I just mentioned, there’s a lot of housekeeping stuff I have to create and post.

The last big addition is the calendar. It should be much easier to find dates and events. The plan is to have both book signing and speaking events on one calendar.  It is now up to date.

Please visit the site and tell me what you think. It’s a work in process, in that I’ll be always adding stuff. So, what I have learned in this process is that, in reality, my web site is never done. It will always need something.

Marc Liebman

April, 2017


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