New Opportunity

As I write this, I am sitting outside my RV literally on the beach at Galveston State Park. We have another week down here and then its back to the grind. I missed posting last week but didn’t want miss two weeks in a row.

Last month, I mentioned that I was asked for a book proposal by an agent for a non-fiction book called Gold & Silver Wings – Tales from Three Generations of Military Pilots. The good news is that she liked it!

Sometime next week, I’ll see the list of potential publishers. How fast we will be under contract is unknown, but I have to believe that she wouldn’t have taken me on as a client if she didn’t think she could sell my work.

My job is to finish the first draft of Gold & Silver Wings by the middle of July so I can update the book proposal with the latest version of the table of contents. This will also allow me to “sit on it” for awhile before I start working on the next pass.

The better news came from our lunch last week. In September, she’ll start trying to place Flight of the Pawnee with a major publisher. It’s the first of a four book series starring a new character, Derek Almer. She wants a synopsis of the series as well as one to two page synopses of the next two books – Manpads and The Ass’m Draggin’. When I get back from vacation after the Fourth of July, I’ll write those.

In addition, she’d like a list with one or two sentences on each book of what I have in work. Oh wow! I have one by only title, it’s something else to write.

The best news is that she has contacts with firms looking for material for TV series and movies and thinks that the Josh Haman series has potential for either a series or a movie. Color me speechless. I have some work to do in I need to get the books in a format she can send to them, i.e. PDFs with the covers as well as the text. Who knows where it will lead.

Do you think I’m excited?

Marc Liebman

July 2018

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