My Latest Obsession

Late last year, in the post titled “A Muse From and Unlikely Source,” wrote about how an interview on a radio station got me thinking about a sequel to Forgotten with Janet Pulaski as the main character. The manuscript which has the working title The Assassin – has gotten well beyond the thinking stage. As of the moment this post is published, I’m 117 pages and 34,319 words into the manuscript.

Writing it (or any other one) is an obsession. I think about it all the time. Some time, it is deliberate when I am walking our dogs or working out. These times alone allow me to work through “issues” with the plot or script scenes in my head. Other times, while driving, shopping in a grocery store, and other times, I think about the characters and the plot.

All of this led me to a weird idea, i.e. share experience of writing a novel with readers while the book is being produced. The second part of the idea was to use another promotional vehicle besides my web site so I turned to the Alan Bourgeois, the president of the Texas Association of Authors and asked if we could put the blog on his site, link it to mine and maybe get more readers.

Alan thought it was a neat idea and it took a couple of days to figure out how to do it and the simplest was I’ll write the material, send it to him and he’ll post it. He mentions it on his weekly radio show, he’s tweeting about it and I will too if I ever get around to tweeting, but that’s another story. It is on my long list of things to do.
Back to the blog called “The Assassin’s Blog” which came from the working title of the book – The Assassin. Yes, I know a Clive Cussler book with the same title was published several years ago, but heck, for the moment, it’s a good title. Assuming a publisher takes it, we can always change it.

The posts will appear several times a week, I’ll write short notes about problems I’m facing, issues with the characters and the plot along with the emotional ups and downs that come with creating a novel. I’m not trying to spend hours polishing each post because of the frequency and because I want to preserve, as much as possible, the raw emotion of the moment.

In other words, the blog is almost like a diary. Each time I struggle or blow through a scene or create a new character, I’m writing a short piece about it, or them, or whatever.If you’re interested, here’s the link –

I hope you check it out and recommend it to others.
Marc Liebman
January 2018

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