What Admirals say about BIG MOTHER 40, a novel about the Vietnam War

Ken L. Fisher, Rear Admiral USN (retired), Naval Aviator and fighter pilot

"A great read on Navy helicopter rescue operations in the Vietnam era. It is a very well written, exciting, fast moving book about the life of two Navy lieutenants. The book is about a Navy Helicopter pilot and a Navy Seal and their teams performing their duties in extremely hazardous conditions. Although fiction, Marc’s knowledge of Navy Helicopter and Navy SEAL operations and the planning it takes to complete these types of missions is evident throughout the book. His understanding of the overall concept of joint and naval operations and the specifics of both Special Forces and helicopter missions during the Vietnam era makes this a very believable scenario. I personally know that Marc lived the life of a Navy rescue helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War."

Philip F. Duffy, Rear Admiral, USN retired, Naval Aviator and helicopter pilot

"Marc Liebman has written an important book.   While it is a historical novel, it contains an accurate framework of the heroic efforts and methods of so many Navy personnel who tried so desperately hard to rescue pilots shot down over North Viet Nam.  Many of the procedures are completely accurate and many of the events are historically correct, even if the names are fiction.  Marc served as one of those pilots, with me, on USS America in the 1970s and his later service during Desert Shield and Desert Storm lend additional credence to his insight into the conduct of the wars.  This book needs to be read by history students and military analysts as a learning tool on how our collective efforts within the Navy's aircraft carrier battle forces came to each and every lost pilot in many courageous efforts to bring back to our safe decks the men who had been shot down. While the efforts were not always successful the percentage of men rescued far exceeded any other service in any other war.  The one feature of that success that stands out is the immediacy of the effort; timing is everything in a rescue attempt.  That and the courage and dedication of the men in the cockpits of the helicopters make a huge difference in the success ratio.   Marc is to be congratulated and applauded for his important first novel."

What an Admiral said about CHERUBS 2, a novel about the Vietnam War

W. W. “Bear” Pickavance, Jr.  Rear Admiral USN (Ret)

"All of Marc Liebman’s books are superb and hard to put down once you start to read them, but “Cherubs 2” is his finest to date!  I could not put it down and read it cover to cover at one sitting!  The book takes the reader back to the early 1970’s and takes guys like me right back to our youthful combat days flying over North Viet Nam!  In 1972 we were striking areas around Haiphong harbor several times daily and were losing aircraft and pilots to SAM’s and AAA at a high rate.  We had no idea how the missiles got into the country but they seemed to have no problems replenishing what they shot at us!  Some of us thought they were off loaded from ships in Haiphong harbor.   It was very frustrating to look down at the number of Chinese and Russian ships anchored in the river around Haiphong awaiting off-load of munitions and supplies and not be allowed to hit them due to phony rules of engagement!  We also knew that the next day the recently unloaded weapons would be used against us and planes and pilots would be lost!  Others thought the missiles came in by rail from the USSR.  The Air Force had basically the same restrictions in the Hanoi area and the “Northwest rail-line”.  Rules of engagement were written by bureaucrats in and out of uniform and politicians in the White House that had no concept of how to fight and win a war and really didn’t appear to care about losses unless it impacted an election! It was extremely frustrating and sometimes we Junior Officers (JO’s) had to take matters into our own hands…’nuff said!   Marc does an excellent job in rekindling those emotions and in many ways provides a relief.   Marc and all the combat aircrews who sacrificed to save those who were forced to eject in Indian Country are hero’s! They pulled my wingman and several of my friends out of the jaws of the enemy and for that they will always be my hero’s!   I still have a business card they gave me after one of several successful rescues I was involved in which says…”call 243.0 [UHF emergency frequency] for service…you fall we haul”!

Those of us who flew combat over North/South Viet Nam knew we stood a 50-50 chance of being picked up if bagged due to the sheer guts of the Big Mother crews!   “Cherubs 2”  is a fast paced,  thrilling, accurate novel that you will not be able to put down!  It sits in my library right next to Clancy’s novels!!!"

What an admiral had to say about RENDER HARMLESS, a novel about hunting terrorists

Rear Admiral Ken Carodine, USN (Retired), author of NUCLEAR DRAGON

"Magnificently malevolent! Render Harmless taps into the nation’s latest fascination with the Cold War and the days leading up to our modern era of terrorism.  RENDER HARMLESS features all the ingredients to keep the reader guessing and the plot moving: Nazis, Russians (Soviet’s not today’s capitalists), Arab terrorists, and of course, Americans. Prepare for a roller coaster ride that starts with a brutal assassination in a sleepy California town and climaxes in a dark Russian prison cell. Marc Liebman has perfectly fused his years as a combat Naval Aviator and as an ad agency executive to create a compelling, dramatic, and page-turning narrative worthy or comparison to Larry Bond, Tom Clancy, and Stephen Coonts."