Inner Look, My Fifth Book, Is Out – Finally!!!!

On March 7th, my fifth book – Inner Look – was finally released by Penmore Press. It started when I sent the manuscript to Penmore back in January, 2015 and got an offer for a contract. The initial targeted date to get the book out was the fall of that year.

One thing led to another. I was in the midst of retiring and didn’t have time to devote to working with the editor until July, 2015. That caused a schedule slippage to January 2016.

Right after Thanksgiving 2015, we slid the release of the book back to February or possibly early March. Then, December 19th happened. My daughter-in-law committed suicide leaving my son as a single parent of four kids. We rushed out to California to take care of our grandkids and help our son.

I cancelled all of my book signings and notified Penmore that I had to stop work on the book. When I called, I didn’t know when I could begin work so book production/editing went on hold. The delay lasted until April when I let Penmore know I could, on a limited basis work start working on Inner Look. By then, the publisher said it would be the end of 2016 before he could get it out because it was put on hold.

Right after we started working on the book, the editor had a family crisis and had to stop work and fly to Canada. Again work stopped. By the time she got that sorted out, it was the end of June 2015. It was, like my situation with my grandkids, a never-ending story. When she was able to work on the book, I wasn’t.

Finally, by Thanksgiving 2016, we got in sync and by December, we were in the final stages of editing. Then, the cover had to be designed and we went through a couple of iterations before it was done.

Toward the end of January, we started the final proofreading. The book blocks began in late January it took a few tries, mainly because we had some version control issues. When it was signed off on the finished product in late February, it took about two weeks to make it available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Like the others, it is available in hard copy as well as in Nook, Kindle and iBook.

It took twenty-six months, but it was worth it. Now onto book number 7!

Marc Liebman
April 2017

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