Discussion – Louisiana Purchase

Uno China 3421 Grande Bulevar Blvd., Irving, TX, United States

Discussion of how the acquisition came about, how it was financed and how Jefferson got it through Congress that set a precedent that U.S. follows to this day

Radio interview with Jim Blythe, Alliance4theBrave


Interview is about the documentary called Leave No Warrior Behind, the Untold Story of HC-7. HC-7 was created during the Vietnam War to fly combat search and rescue missions. It operated off destroyers, cruisers and carriers and never missed a commitment during its 8 year history. Its aircrews also made about 1/3 of the rescues in and around North Vietnam. Until now, its story have never been told.

Speech – Operation Leader – and Book Signing

Cadot Restaurant 18111 Preston Road, Dallas, TX, United States

Presentation on little known U.S. Navy carrier strike operations in the European Theater of Operations conducted by the U.S.S. Ranger (CV-4) and its air group.

Speech – 4 Dimensional Threat of the PRC – and Book Signing

Norma's Cafe 605 East 15th Street, Plano, TX, United States

The PRC is "attacking" the U.S. from for different dimensions. Each is designed to undermine the U.S.' ability to counter the PRC's initiative. Unfortunately, ignorance among U.S. policy makers over the past 30 years have facilitated the PRC. Marc makes you aware of what is happening.

Operation Leader

Cavanaugh Flight Museum 4572 Claire Chennault St, Addison, TX, United States

During World War II, the U.S. Navy carriers conducted strike operations in North Africa, Southern France and, under the command of the Royal Navy, in Norway. This is the story of the USS Ranger (CV-4) operations in 1942 and 1943.