Choices, choices, choices…

Over the past few weeks, maybe months, as a writer, I’ve dealing with a series of difficult choices, none of which have to do with publicity or finding a publisher.  Nope, I’ve been dealing with “what do I write?

Do I write blogs?

Or, do I finish the first draft of CHERUBS 2?

Or, do I take another run through of RENDER HARMLESS before I start working with the book editor?

Or, do I rewrite/edit portions of THE KURILE WEDGE INCIDENT?

At first blush, one would think it is an embarrassment of riches.  I’m under contract for RENDER HARMLESS.  THE KURILE WEDGE INCIDENT is timely because the bad guys are North Koreans.  And, CHERUBs 2 is about Josh’s first tour in Vietnam and event that shaped his outlook and approach to flying in combat.

The reality was that I was conflicted.  And, confused!  It was really strange.  It wasn’t writers block because in the back of my mind was wrestling with plots and characters and possible scenes.  It was merely a matter of putting them on paper, errrrrr, turning them into ones and zeros.

So, I finished an edit, well almost finished, I have one more scene to write, of the KURILE WEDGE INCIDENT.  Then, in a flash of brilliance that occurred while contemplating my navel on a beach in Kauai for ten days, I decided on changing the plot a bit in RENDER HARMLESS.  Blobs and CHERUBS 2 got pushed to the back burner.

So now that is done, I’m about to plunge into finishing CHERUBS 2.  But no so fast.  First, I am going to write a separate blog about the plot on each of the books in the series so y’all know what is coming.

Marc Liebman

May, 2013