The Simushir Island Incident


ISBN: 978-1950586677

Publisher: Penmore Press

Formats: Paperback | e-book (Kindle, iBook/Apple, Nook, Kobo)

Pages: 488 pages


With the approval of Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, Vice Admiral Kim Sun Pak and Major General Chun Lee Jang negotiates a lease to create a fishing boat support facility on Simushir where the Soviet Union had a submarine base during the Cold War. Simushir is in the Central Kuril Islands that the Soviet took back from the Japanese at the end of World War II. The island chain runs from the southern tip of the Kamchatka peninsula to the Jpanese island of Hokkaido.

The fishing boat support facility is a cover to create a heroin and methamphetamine drug factory far from the prying eyes of Western law enforcement agencies. The Hong Kong based Half Moon Trading Company created and funded the Kurile Island Development Corporation to refurbish the old Soviet submarine base.

Half Moon’s legitimate businesses make and market fireworks and pottery. Through contacts in Southeast Asia, Half Moon acquires the heroin base and refines it into Asian Pure. Chemicals for the methamphetamines are bought legally in the Peoples Republic of China and turned into illegal drugs in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Using North Korean Special Forces officers trained as assassins, Jang and Pak have begun eliminating potential competitors for Asian Pure and the uppers and downers. At the same time, a relative negotiated an exclusive drug distribution agreement with the Sinaloa Cartel for Southern California. 

Once the fishing support facility and the drug factory was completed, Kim Jong-il, who receives a commission on every dollar of drugs sold, decides to turn the old Soviet sub base into a ballistic missile base.

Tipped off by the Japanese that Kurile Island Development Corporation has begun refurbishing the old Soviet base, Josh Haman, now the Seventh Fleet’s Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, is tasked with finding out more about the base on Broutana Bay on the north end of the island. The Seventh Fleet’s staff’s Special Warfare officer is his friend, Navy SEAL Marty Cabot.

When reconnaissance photos show North Korean Special Forces soldiers, and then later, surface-to-air missiles on the island, Haman has to figure out how to shut the base down without starting World War III. Meanwhile, an officer from his past, Stephen Higgins, tries to derail Josh’s career.

Where is Simushir?

Simushir is an island in the central Kurils that sits on the south side of the Bussol Strait which is the primary deep-water route for submarines going in and out of the Sea of Okhotsk.

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