The Red Star of Death


ISBN: 979-8-9883127-6-5

Publisher: Rotorhead Media LLC

Formats: Paperback | e-book (Kindle, iBook/Apple, Nook, Kobo)

Pages: 377 pages

When Janis Goodrich retired from her life as The Red Star of Death, she was one of the most feared and accomplished assassins in the world. Through a middleman, intelligence agencies, criminal organizations, and wealthy individuals hired her, confident that the target would be killed and there wouldn’t be any blowback.

During her 19 years of retirement and wealthy beyond her dreams, Janis enjoyed life with her lover Karin Egger while she raced her vintage Porsche race cars, skied, learned to fly, and traveled. 9/11 and Karin’s death changed her life.

Combating terrorism was now a focus of intelligence agencies. Cuba’s Dirección de Inteligencia, the organization that trained her in 1971, wants Janis for its purposes. CIA and Mossad want to use her services again. No one knew where Janis was, what name she was using, or even if she was interested in working. 

Mossad’s Aliyah Skylar was told to recruit Goodrich “by any means.” She got lucky and was the first to find Goodrich, who agreed to work with Mossad and the CIA in exchange for full immunity from prosecution for her past actions.

Hearing the woman known as The Red Star of Death had been found and was about to be debriefed by the CIA, FBI Special Agent William Smith III makes it his mission to put her behind bars.

Skylar and Goodrich are tasked to conduct a series of missions to weaken Hezbollah while their employers hunt for Abd al-Bari Ghulam, a Hezbollah operational planner. His attacks in France, Germany, and the U.S. killed and injured hundreds, made him a target.

To take down Ghulam, Goodrich and Sklyar must battle traitors within Mossad and CIA along with Smith III’s obsession with Goodrich.

Gestation of RSOD

This novel came about after more than a dozen readers of Forgotten suggested a sequel with Janet Pulaski as the main character. 

For those who have not read Forgotten, the fourth book in the Josh Haman Series, it is the story of six American POWs who do not return in 1973. They are held by a drug producer masquerading as a lieutenant colonel in the North Vietnamese Army. One POW is Janet’s husband, Randy Pulaski. Before they were married, Janet was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society’s (SDS) Action Wing and had conducted terrorist attacks on Armed Forces Recruiting stations and other targets. 

After Randy is shot down and declared MIA, SDS sends Janet to Cuba to be trained as an assassin. SDS’ goal was to have Janet return to be an asset for both SDS and the Cubans. 

Along the way, Janet decides to go freelance and becomes one of the most feared and accomplished assassins in the world. She contracts through a man she never met and knows only as The Broker. He dubs her La Estrella Roja de la Muerta, The Red Star of Death. 

Forgotten won several national awards after it came out in 2015 and several readers strongly suggested that I write a sequel with Janet Pulaski as the main character. When the first complete draft of the manuscript was finished in 2018, the novel had the working title, The Retired Assassin.

At the time, I was focused on finishing the seven-book Josh Haman series and then the Derek Almer counterterrorism series. The sequel to Forgotten was pushed farther on the back burner when with the advent of the Jaco Jacinto Age of Sail series. And to be honest, the story didn’t feel right.

It took several revisions before the third version of The Retired Assassin evolved into the first version of The Red Star of Death and then there were many more before it was ready. So, in February 2024, The Red Star of Death will be released. 

And, before you ask, yes, there may be a sequel. It has the working title of The Racing Assassin. 

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