Render Harmless

Render Harmless by Marc Liebman

ISBN: 9781946409324

Publisher: Penmore Press

Formats: Paperback | e-book (Kindle, iBook/Apple, Nook, Kobo)

Pages: 454 pages

Car bombs set by a group called Red Hand are going off all over West Germany are killing American, British and German citizens. Red Hand’s manifesto reads as if it was copied from Nazi propaganda. Now, just four years after the 1972 Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes and three decades after the Holocaust, the West German government is facing its worst political nightmare: Germans are once again killing Jews – and former Nazis  want to create the Fourth Reich. Red Hand is supported by the East German Stasi as well as militants in the Palestine Liberation Organization.

You meet a German paratrooper from World War II who loses his moral compass and a Luftwaffe ace who has not lost his puppy love for Adolph Hitler. A former SS officer and now a policeman who has been thoroughly vetted by the Allies is leading the investigation into the shadowy Red Hand. Unhappy with the progress the West Germans are making, the American and British governments decide to act covertly. Josh Haman, part way through an exchange tour with the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm, joins the team led by his friend and SEAL Team Six member Marty Cabot. The hunt takes their team into East Germany to execute their written orders, which tell them “to find, neutralize and render harmless to the United States and her allies the members of Red Hand.”