Failure to Fire


ISBN: 979-8-9883127-9-6

Publisher: Rotorhead Media LLC

Formats: Paperback | e-book (Kindle, iBook/Apple, Nook, Kobo)

Pages: 346 pages

When Na’il Miraj arrived at an al Qaeda recruiting station in Paris, he was seen by the organization’s leaders as a gift from Allah. They hoped the former U.S. Army missile repair technician could turn their horde of out-of-date Stinger missiles into functioning weapons.

The discovery of Stinger missiles that failed to fire in a farmer’s field in North Texas in the fall of 2016 should have set off alarm bells within the last few months of a lame-duck administration. But they didn’t.

Yet there were those in the CIA who thought differently. Derek Almer is encouraged to start a small think tank by a friend in the CIA to research the threat of man-portable, shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missiles known by the acronym. MANPADS. Helped by a little luck and intelligence from his contacts within the Mossad, Derek’s firm learns that the terrorist group has smuggled Russian made Igla-S’s as well as Stingers into the U.S. Miraj’s plan – shoot down enough airliners to kill thousands and shut down the world’s air transportation system. The question Derek Almer had to answer was when and where will the missiles be used?

Author’s note about the origin of the plot

To read more about the threat that these missiles pose to commercial air traffic all over the world, click on this link . The article, originally written in 2015 discusses what are MANPADS as well as effective and affordable countermeasures and what has been studied in the past. In February, 2022, Federal Express recently announced that it was asking the FAA for permission to equip some of its airplanes with countermeasures. 

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