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The Aviator ReviewTHE AVIATOR, Magazine of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s Association
July/August 2014 Issue 32-4

“This is a book that is hard to put down and will keep you up late at night. Liebman is a master of the key element of fiction: character development. The bad guys are not just the “usual suspects” and they are well crafted and quite believable. There is also plenty of “white knuckles” helicopter flying. Comparisons with other writers like Steven Coonts and Tom Clancy come to mind. I highly recommend this book.” READ MORE »

RENDER HARMLESS: Military Writers Society of America

Military Writers Society of America Book ReviewMilitary Writers Society of America
June 14, 2014

“Marc Liebman shares a complicated and disturbing story. His storytelling in Render Harmless is a telescopic insight into the horrors of global terrorism before our lives were irrevocably changed by 9/11. Although the book is historical fiction, its truth catapults the reader back into the Cold War that often feels bitterly frigid. Josh Haman, the heroic Navy pilot, will cause your heart to pound and your knees to shake, especially when the fuel hovers on empty on more than one occasion.” READ MORE »


Wings of Gold Book ReviewWings of Gold
Summer, 2014

“With Render Harmless, Marc Liebman has confirmed that he is a gifted story-teller. The narrative has a multi-faceted and complex plot, and it is developed nicely, keeping the reader’s interest, and working its way to a tight ending…” READ MORE »

CHERUBS 2: Rotor Review

Navy Helicopter AssociationRotor Review
Winter 2016 #131

“Any helicopter pilot or crewman will find this book realistic and absorbing and will not want to put it down. Naval veterans of Vietnam will recognize the locations, ships, aircraft and the frustrating progress of the war in Southeast Asia. I highly recommend this thriller to all  hands.” READ MORE »

CHERUBS 2: The Aviator

The Aviator ReviewTHE AVIATOR, Magazine of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s Association
November/December 2015 Issue 34-06

“The key to good fiction is character development, no easy feat with this novel’s large cast of characters including air crewmen, Seal team members, Russian and Chinese officials, CINPac and top officials at the Pentagon, and Haman’s love interest–just to name a few. This book also includes the historical specifications on the operating Naval ships in the region and their aircraft rosters complete with call signs, during the time frame of the book. This is a page turner and not easy to put down.” READ MORE »

CHERUBS 2: Books in Review II

The VVa Veteran Book ReviewThe VVA Veteran: Books in Review II
April 24, 2017

“I found this novel engrossing, and eagerly await the next one in this series. The series is literate and witty and historical enough to teach me stuff I’m interested in, but without ever being boring. I highly recommend it.” READ MORE »

INNER LOOK: Readers' Favorite

Readers' Favorite 5 Star ReviewReaders’ Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest

Readers' Favorite

Reviewed By Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

What a great read is Inner Look by Marc Liebman! This book is in the military fiction genre, a thriller that takes readers on an investigative journey with a team of military experts to uncover culprits behind a high scale business of secret selling.  What started with the arrests of two spies will have members of the Inner Look — a special unit designed by the navy to evaluate the damage caused by espionage — looking for one of the top CIA leaders, Juanita Jaramillo, the CIA’s Director of Pacific Operations Analysis.  After losing her son and husband to the Agency, she becomes transformed, perhaps by pain or the desire for revenge, and starts selling out secrets.  The web is more complex than the two experts leading the team – Josh Haman and Marty Cabot – could imagine.  Can they get to Juanita in time to stop her from doing more damage?

The plot is filled with surprises and there are twists involving the KGB and the FBI.  The story starts with a bang, as one could say, and the ending comes on a very high note.  The characters are complex, each with their inner struggles and challenges.  They fit perfectly into the plot and readers will love the villains as well as the heroes in the story.  I can’t skip commenting on the power of Marc Liebman’s prose, which I found to be very evocative and highly descriptive.  The plot is multilayered, fast-paced, and well imagined to have the reader turning the pages, fueled with the hunger to find out what happens to some of the characters.  Inner Look is a very entertaining book.

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Inner Look by Marc Liebman is the story of deceit, lies, and finding the truth.  Marty Cabot, a SEAL, and Josh Haman, a Naval Aviator, are both commanders and really good at what they do.  These two close friends have led successful covert missions and now they are needed to take on the project Inner Look.  Their job is to find the leaks and the spies who are spilling sensitive secrets for a price, find out the damage and try to neutralize it.

However, the deeper Cabot and Haman look, the dirtier the secrets they find.  They realize that secrets, lies and espionage go deeper than they initially thought.  They have found the culprit and they know who and where the culprit is, but can they catch the culprit before he or she runs away?  There are bigger powers in play than they expected.  What can they do when they are up against an enemy that is far stronger than they could ever be?

Inner Look by Marc Liebman is very intense and extremely well-written. I was sucked into the story from the moment I read that blurb.  I loved the mystery, the action and the sheer breathtaking thrill of the story.  I loved the camaraderie between Haman and Cabot; I loved how in sync they were and their trust in each other.  I also love Marc Liebman’s writing style.  He writes fluently, without making you second guess what you just read, and you embrace it with all your heart. His writing style speaks to you and you just cannot help but become immersed in the novel, the story, and the men Marc brings to life with his words.  Brilliant, even the cover is perfect.

Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Inner Look by Marc Liebman is a great and compelling military fiction with equally great characters and a wonderful plot.  It is a story that features political intrigue, crime, and espionage, a story involving powerful bodies like the CIA, the KGB, and others.  This novel is about a group that is part of a project called Inner Look that was formed to determine if there are any more moles passing secrets to the Soviets.  after two infamous men Jerry Whitworth and John Walker are arrested for espionage.  The Navy wants to take a closer look and see how much damage has been caused and find if there are any more spies working for the Soviets.  Josh Haman and Marty Cabot head Inner Look and what they will discover may blow their minds.  The damage has eaten too deep into the structure and the CIA Director must have been in a lucrative kind of deal that could bring the entire country to its knees.  The hunt is for the most unlikely person anyone could have suspected, and this person might be hunted by more than Inner Look. Unknown to the Americans, the KGB wants to kidnap the spy to prevent her from revealing another mole in the FBI.

I enjoyed Marc Liebman’s style of storytelling and will definitely be lining him up with Lee Child as my favorites in military fiction. I enjoyed the international setting in this story and the way the themes are masterfully integrated into the fast-paced and gripping plot.  The characters are well-thought out and the author has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of the CIA.  The conflict is a huge one and it is at the center of the well-imagined plot.  As I read this, I felt compelled to learn the fate of some of the characters, especially Juanita Jaramillo, the CIA’s Director of Pacific Operations Analysis. This is a story woven with elements of suspense, intrigue, and drama, a great plot, and a satisfying denouement.

Reviewed By Kayti Nika Raet for Readers’ Favorite

Inner Look by Marc Liebman is a military thriller centered around Commanders Josh Haman, a Naval Aviator, and Marty Cabot, a SEAL . They close friends assigned to a project called Inner Look and stumble upon an unauthorized sting operation that leads to the discovery of an intelligence leak that goes higher than either of them ever could imagine.  The spy is one of the CIA’s top directors and is selling state secrets to the highest bidder.  Now Cabot and Haman are on the hunt with clues leading them to Argentina while the rest of the CIA are certain the mole is heading to more communist leaning countries. It’s a race against time in Marc Liebman’s thrilling series as Cabot and Haman need to find the mole before the KGB do, and their chance for justice is gone forever.

Marc Liebman is a retired U.S. Navy Captain and Naval Aviator who is a combat veteran of Vietnam and several other wars.  His experience shows within the opening pages of Inner Look, creating an authentic read that fans of military novels are sure to enjoy.  A competent novelist, he shines in the tactical areas of this novel and it really adds to the real-life grit of Inner Look and makes it something easy to read in one sitting.  While there were some points where I felt that the abundance of jargon took away from the tension that Liebman may have wanted to convey, it didn’t completely take away from the message of the scene. All in all, Liebman really managed to craft a story filled with tension and double crosses, and any fan of Inner Look will be happy to know that this isn’t the only book in Liebman’s arsenal.

Reviewed By Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers’ Favorite

There’s a leak somewhere in the military chain of command that’s putting those on the front lines at risk, but no one knows just how high that leak may go, or what might happen if too much information gets transferred to the wrong hands.  Commander Haman just knows that he needs to keep the men in his command safe, and that’s about to mean a whole lot more than standing up to an incompetent commander.  It’s about going right into the thick of things to find the mole.  But he’s not the only one looking for the mole, and not everyone wants to bring them to justice.  In Inner Look by Marc Liebman, it may be harder than you think to find out just who the bad guy is.

This is an espionage tale and it’s one that really pulls you in right from the start.  Nothing is as it seems and even the characters that you think you know turn out to be something entirely different.  I was really happy with the depth to each of the characters and the way that they all continued to grow throughout the story.  You feel like you really get to know them and want them to succeed, and when you find out what’s really going on … well, it’s going to come as quite a surprise.  This is an adventure story and one that you’re going to love reading and will want to recommend to others.  I thought it was really great and couldn’t stop reading.  Even for someone like me who knows little to nothing about military operations, procedures or anything, you really feel immersed in things, like it’s happening all around you and you understand it perfectly.

FORGOTTEN: The Aviator

The Aviator ReviewTHE AVIATOR, Magazine of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s Association
March/April 2017 Issue 36-02

“This book is a page turner full of intrigue, taking the reader inside a dark world of protesters, sex, weapons violence, big money, drugs, shady characters, covert operations and cover-ups. While Liebman ties up some loose ends from his earlier novels, he leaves an opening for more of Josh Haman adventures.” READ MORE »

FORGOTTEN: Books in Review II

The VVa Veteran Book ReviewThe VVA Veteran: Books in Review II
March 19, 2017

“This is a giant whopper of a sex thriller with violence and bloodshed on most pages, along with that nymphomanical ex-antiwar activist turned assassin. If you love books like this, it’s the one is for you. It is predictable, however, as I was not surprised when Janet, the hit woman, was contracted to kill her own husband. Forgotten is well written and held this reader’s attention throughout.” READ MORE »

FORGOTTEN: Readers' Favorite

Readers' Favorite 5 Star ReviewReaders’ Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest

Readers' Favorite

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Reader’s Favorite

Forgotten by Marc Liebman is a military thriller.  When the Vietnam war ended, the American POWs were sent home – all except for six.  These men were never listed as being POWs and were never listed as being MIA.  Instead, they were kept captive by Pham, an NVA Lieutenant Colonel.  He put them to work in his heroin factory with one goal in mind – to use the men as a ransom for millions of dollars.  Janet is the wife of one of the prisoners, an anti-war activist who became an assassin, paid handsomely for the high-value targets she takes on.  The six prisoners are declared dead in 1978, but in 1982, their existence comes to the attention of the US and they are rescued.  Two men don’t want anyone to know what their role was and they want all six dead.  What the prisoners know will spell long prison sentences for these men, a CIA operative and a former POW, so they hire Janet to take them out.  But one of those prisoners is her husband.  Will Janet do it or are the two men about to get a nasty surprise?

Forgotten by Marc Liebman is a great read.  It’s one of those stories that grabs hold on page 1 and takes you on a rollercoaster ride.  The plot is amazing, something quite unique, and is full of twists and turns.  Mr. Liebman has mastered the art of writing an attention-grabbing story perfectly and, although this is a fictional tale, you kind of feel that it isn’t, that it’s being written from a personal point of view, from someone who was there.  The character development is excellent, bringing the main characters to life in an instant, giving them substance and personality.  Overall, an excellent story, well-written and perfect for fans of military tales, be they fact or fiction.

Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

A gripping military book, Forgotten by Marc Liebman is an unforgettable story featuring six men – two Naval Aviators (Randy Pulaski and Jeff Richey) and two Air Force pilots (Karl Kramer and Greg Christiansen who were shot down and known to be captured and two Green Berets – Captain Ashley Smith and First Lieutenant Hank Cho – are thought to have disappeared. All are slaving under one of the top colonels from the People’s Army of Vietnam, transforming opium to morphine while waiting for the time when their captor would exchange them for a huge ransom. Meanwhile, a woman, whose husband is among the six American soldiers who never returned home, still hopes against all hope that her husband is alive. When news finally gets out, years later, that these men are alive, Janet Pulaski gets worried about her husband, Navy Lieutenant Randy Pulaski, who may be targeted by two men who don’t want them alive.  One is in the CIA who is afraid that his past misdeeds ay be uncovered.  The other is a former POW whose traitorous collaboration was witnessed by Pulaksi who wants him court martialed.  If found guilty, he will get sent to the hangman.

Marc Liebman has a great gift for both plot and character development.  The story begins in the midst of action and the reader can feel the adrenaline.  But it’s just the beginning and the whole story is punctuated with intense action and powerful scenes.  The setting reflects historical and physical places that soldiers, especially those who have served in Vietnam, will be familiar with.  Well-written, this is a book from a new author that features such elegant prose and detailed, absorbing descriptions of scenes and characters.  Janet Pulaski is a character who won my heart from the start and it was interesting to see how she developed throughout the story. Forgotten is a masterpiece, a well-written story with great characters and a not-so-easy-to-put-down kind of plot.

Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Forgotten by Marc Liebman is a brilliant entry in the military genre, a story that explores the mystery of six American soldiers presumed dead during the Vietnam War and a woman’s undying love for her husband.  After the war, Navy Lieutenant Randy Pulaski, Navy Lieutenant Jeff Richey, Air Force Captain Greg Christiansen, and First Lieutenant Karl Kramer were known to have been captured while Army Captain Ashley Smith and First Lieutenant Hank Cho were considered completely missing.

What most people never imagined was that these heroes had been captured and were being used by a People’s Army of Vietnam lieutenant colonel, converting new opium into morphine.  Years later, the US government will learn of their existence.  But there won’t be the chance of a hero’s welcome home.  With the prospect that her husband, Randy, could be killed by a former POW turned collaborator, Janet Pulaski has to make serious choices and use her skills to protect him.

The first thing that struck me about this novel is the author’s writing — crisp and excellent.  The sentences are tight and the diction is overflowing with words that make the reader imagine the action and the setting of the novel.  The historical setting is beautifully explored.  Marc Liebman has written a military fiction that makes readers think he was one of the characters in the story, and readers will be pleased with the wonderful use of military language.  Here is a story that is so beautifully written it will have fans of this genre utterly enthralled.  I enjoyed the wonderful cast of characters and the compelling plot.  Forgotten is a great read, indeed!

Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

I’m not sure if the name of this novel is Forgotten or Forgotten POWs.  I saw both names used.  I personally like just plain Forgotten.  It somehow feels stronger.  Anyway, I liked this novel about the war in Vietnam by Marc Liebman.  Surprisingly, what I think I liked most was how well the wives and other women of the era were represented.  Janet is every bit as strong and interesting as her captured husband, Randy.  The Vietnam era was a very complex time politically for the United States and the complicated characters Marc Liebman gives us in Forgotten represent that complexity well.  I came of age in the ’70s and there was a lot of disagreement about the war, even among friends.

I like the way Marc Liebman shows us two tracks that are uniquely connected.  I like the way the tracks are connected.  The first track is the actual captured POWs.  They went through hell and are understandably the heroes of the story.  Randy is such a hero and I related with him immediately.  I expected this.  It is what I was looking for when I chose the book.  The second story arc is the one that surprised me, and I believe every good book has a good surprise in it.  Randy’s wife, Janet, was so cool and delightful!  I loved this Navy wife.  She is so practical about her situation, but finds interesting ways to spend her time, as well as some interesting people to spend it with.  I think her story, combined with her husband’s, is what makes Forgotten great.

Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

Military fiction isn’t one of my favorite genres, but when I read the blurb of this book, it sounded irresistible and I picked the book up out of sheer curiosity.  I am glad I did because Forgotten by Marc Liebman turned out to be a really good read with great characters and a wonderful plot line.  Imagine men who could have been celebrated as heroes being completely Forgotten, laboring as slaves under a ruthless military colonel for years, and doing what?  Making morphine from opium, in a very secluded area, far away on the Vietnamese borders.  This is the lot of six American men who never returned from Vietnam.  After many years, news gets out about their existence and, feeling the threat that hangs over her husband’s head, a woman has to find a way, the only one she knows, to protect the love of her life.

Forgotten is a highly creative work and I found it intriguing from the title, to plot, to character development, and the masterful integration of literary elements such as suspense, contrast, and conflict.  I was hooked from the very beginning of the story and knew I would have to read this one to the end.  Yes, I was hooked with the great writing — polished and beautiful.  Marc Liebman writes with confidence and the reader has no doubt that he masters the military world so well — or he must have done his research thoroughly.  I enjoyed the well-developed characters who find themselves in a powerful conflict, especially the couple, Janet and Navy Lieutenant Randy Pulaski. This is an engrossingly entertaining story with relevant historical references.  A must-read for fans of military fiction.


FORGOTTEN: More Reviews . . .

More Reviews

I read a lot of action and thriller books, so this is a genre I’m familiar with. I’d never read anything from Marc Liebman, but the premise seemed intriguing and I’m always on the lookout for fresh new talent, so I was curious to see how he would deliver in this one “Forgotten”. Mr. Liebman is unarguably a very talented and creative writer, but more than that he genuinely impressed me with his thorough world-building and interesting characters and inventiveness on many levels. Great detailing gives this story authenticity on many levels. We genuinely feel transported into this complex, epic tale from the brutal, violent warzones and POW camp, to Julia/Janet’s sexy and dangerous ‘activities’. And speaking of sex there is plenty here and it is very hot! All too often I read works that feel clearly derivative of other books (especially in erotica), and although I appreciate literary influences (as is felt here as well), when something this original comes along it is a refreshing change of pace from the norm! It wasn’t predictable or cliché, and sometimes it was cutthroat and harsh, and other times I was nearly breathless from the intensity and violent passion. Other times I was chuckling aloud at the witty banter.  For such a long book I finished it in less than a week, and went through so many highs and lows, it felt like a rollercoaster. I enjoyed the ending and was actually hoping that this might be the beginning of a series but this appears to standalone novel. Wraps up well and the glossary at the end is handy too. Actually feel like I learned something! I recommend it for adults only as it has graphic language, violence and sex scenes, but they work well with the storyline and do not feel gratuitous. (5 stars) Leo Gregory—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

I really enjoyed “Forgotten” by author Marc Liebman, even though ‘erotica’ isn’t usually one of my more preferred genres (don’t dislike it, just don’t generally gravitate). But I liked the sample and the style of Mr. Liebman’s writing…. This felt more like a unique character drama with heavy thriller/erotica elements to me than anything, so I gave it a shot. I was really impressed! I really liked the world he created here and thought that he did such a wonderful job with the descriptions of the storytelling of the events and the different characters – all felt very genuine, like he’d done his research (his bio indicates his military service and it definitely shows). We see the story unfold through different characters perspectives – From Randy, the captured POW in Vietnam to his wife back home, “Janet’, the lesbian assassin with quite the spicy sex life and it covers the span of several years. I thought the main characters were very well done, but some of the supporting cast felt a bit thin, and I did question the need to have such a focus on Janet’s sex life, but I think that is for the ‘sex appeal’ of the book. But there was great action, and was so shocked at some things that happened. Emotionally engaging and with lots of intelligent military/political action. The story bounces around from different locations but each chapter is clearly labeled, which helps. It is very long and I think it could have benefitted from some trimming at times, but I liked how easy it is to read and this is such an unusual book I can’t even compare it to anything else. Some harsh language, violence and graphic sexual situations. So best suited for adults only. (4 stars) Jhonnie Parker—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

This book was great… lots of fun to read and very sexy. Describing it is a hard task! All sorts of interesting characters, and a terrific mix of hardcore military/war action, thrilling suspense, romance, intellect, hot sex scenes, high stakes drama, profound and introspective philosophical conversations, life and death situations… you name it! I was totally hooked from the beginning where Liebman wastes no time in getting right to the action (which is great because I hate when books have long ‘setups’!) and keeps our attention the whole way through which is pretty impressive considering the length of this book (nearly 500 pages). I liked that it was so descriptive that we can really put ourselves inside the various characters’ perspectives. Fabulous narrative prose and the dialogue and conversations with the characters were very authentic. Great chemistry and tension throughout, and while there are some upsetting/weird scenes that I didn’t expect, overall I liked the fact that this was really unpredictable and kept me wondering what would happen next. I was also impressed with the near flawless editing – really rare for ebooks these days. Janet is so badass and I liked watching her character evolve. I feel like she should get her own series! The other characters are good too and I like how the author lets us know how everything ends up for them. Recommend for mature fans who want a complex, yet engaging literary read. Firmly in the ‘erotica/thriller’ category, so not suitable for anyone under 18. Looking forward to reading more from Marc Liebman! (4-5 stars) Marcella Gonzales—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

Fast-paced, well written and extremely creative, “Forgotten” by Marc Liebman is an absolute must-read for fans of military action, thriller/suspense, and erotica. This is pretty much the first book that I’ve read that has these elements, but they work together (and complement each other) perfectly. This novel holds its own with the top-notch writing and plot structure and an exciting, varied cast of ‘colorful’ characters and plenty of intrigue and thrills to go around. There were some times where I felt it could have benefited from some editing, as there were frequent places where there was needless information, scene repetition, or chit chat. Occasionally things happened that I wondered if it was crucial for the plot, of just for the sake of titillation (aka ‘cheap thrills’). However, I feel Marc Leibman did a great job of bringing in a unique voice and making the story wholly his own, and giving it a fresh feel. I certainly didn’t feel like I’ve read this million times before. In fact, I can’t think of anything I’ve read like it before. This is definitely a “high stakes, action-packed’ thriller because how it is set up, but it also has a softer, more human side that really puts us in the different characters hearts and heads (Janet and Randy) and the others. A great, riveting combination of thrills, suspense, powerful and sexy women, strong men, action and romance…  an engrossing story with and a fun cast to take you along for this very interesting and exciting and dangerous ride. Recommend for ages 18+ (4 stars) Stephan Beacher—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

I honestly had no idea what to expect when reading this as I went into it pretty blind (only read the quick description). I was in no way prepared for how totally addicting this novel would be, and the sheer magnitude of the world, the characters, the multi plots, the steamy sex, and the life-and-death action… I was really impressed! The way Marc Liebman writes is captivating from the beginning and you just want to keep reading and reading and not stop. It is both descriptive and has great world building (important for a believable novel) but also is fast moving so that you aren’t bored. I was reading as fast as I could, and even though it’s a REALLY long book, I was disappointed when it was over. I wanted more!!  The detailing is so authentic it really pulls you into the story, for better or worse. But the ending is amazing as is the rest of the book. Recommend for fans of thrillers and suspense and definitely has lots of sex so adults only. (5 stars) Darlene Cupp—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

Fantastic! Wow what a perfect ending! Actually the whole thing was pretty great, but I don’t think I put my kindle down once after the 60% mark. I almost feel like I just read 5 different books instead of just one – So much happens, it would be impossible to sum up (I don’t do that anyways). This is an impressive effort from author Marc Liebman, and it is quite clear that he is an author we can expect great things from. While this book wasn’t perfect, as I do feel the pacing needed tightening and an editor needed to use the red-pen over many trivial details and some occasional scene repetition, there is the spark of something wonderfully inventive here (rare for this genre!) and the writing felt as natural as it did effortless. You can’t fake or even teach that, in my opinion. Marc Liebman has a natural literary voice, and I could totally see this being a movie (or it should be!) It’s quite intense, and has that big “epic” feel to it which I love, but without all the bloat that can sometimes weigh down books like this. Solid cast of characters that are intelligent, believable, and complex, just like this book. A great read that will appeal to fans of many genres, as it encompasses so many different aspects of literature, not just erotica or action-thrillers. It is most appropriate for adults as there is sex, language, and violent scenes, as to be expected. But a powerful, entertaining read that far surpassed my expectations. Recommend. (4-5 stars.) Carla Biggins—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


Marc is an experienced pilot and writer whose career as a Naval Officer and Naval Aviator, business executive, consultant and entrepreneur helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a novelist. In the novels, Marc creates stories with rich, interesting characters and puts them in the proper historical and operational context. His books are memorable, exciting and fun to read.


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