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Last Battles

After Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown in October 1781, the war raged on, mostly in North and South Carolina for two more years. Darren is still trying to find ways to get to Charleston to see Melody. Jaco is racing back and forth with key documents as the politicians dicker over peace terms. Amos Laredo is making the British Army’s life miserable, and Emily Smythe Burdette decides to emigrate to Charleston.

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The Red Star of Death

When Janis Goodrich retired from her life as The Red Star of Death, she was one of the most feared and accomplished assassins in the world. 9/11 changes everything. Counterterrorism is the mission and three intelligence agencies Cuba’s Dirección de Inteligencia, the organization that trained her in 1971, CIA and Mossad want to again use her services. The FBI wants to put her in jail.

New Book This Fall

Derek Almer Counterterrorism Series

In Flight of the Pawnee, Al Qaeda sends its top bomb maker to the U.S. His mission – kill at least 10,000 Americans in one attack! In Failure to Fire, Derek Almer is encouraged to start a small think tank by a friend in the CIA to research the threat of man portable, shoulder mounted surface to air missiles known by the acronym. MANPADS.

New Book This Spring

Age of Sail Series

In Raider of the Scottish Coast, the Continental Navy is born and its captains are ordered to disrupt British commerce. To do so, they have fight the best trained, equipped and experienced Navy in the world, the Royal Navy. Carronade follows the story to England where Jaco’s friend Darren Smythe is now caption of Gladius, a frigate armed with twenty 12-pounders. When Dilletante fails to crush Scorpion, Smythe is given command of a small squadron. His sailing orders – sink or capture Scorpion.


The Josh Haman Series

From the Vietnam War to the post-Cold War era, Josh Haman is tasked with difficult, if not impossible missions. Many of the enemies he encounters are known but often the more dangerous ones are within.

Marc Liebman - Author

Marc is an experienced pilot and writer whose career as a Naval Officer and Naval Aviator, business executive, consultant and entrepreneur helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a novelist. He has five books in print with more coming. In the novels, Marc created stories with rich, interesting characters and puts them the proper historical and operational context. His books are memorable, exciting and fun to read.


Introducing Rotorhead Media, LLC

Rotorhead Media LLC came out of the closet, so to speak, when Marc took back two of his books – Flight of the Pawnee and Failure to Fire. These two books will be re-released under the Rotorhead Media LLC umbrella. The plan is to release several new books under this imprint.

In addition, Rotorhead Media LLC is the “operating company” for which Marc works to write his blog, magazine articles, and books as well as produce the videos that are on his YouTube channel. In other words, everything on this web site is part of Rotorhead Media, LLC.


Enjoy Marc’s unique perspective. Read his published articles, weekly blog, From the Hac’s Seat, and Fun & Dumb Things I’ve Done in Flying Machines!

Josh Haman Book Series

In the series, Josh flies combat search and rescue and special operations missions during the Vietnam War; hunts terrorist in Germany; rescues POWs left behind; chases a spy in the Pentagon; is sent to the Soviet Union as a independent set of eyes and ears; and struggles to keep WWIII from starting by shutting down a North Korean base on a Russian island.

Jaco Jacinto Age of Sail Series

This series follows the careers of two men, an American in the Continental Navy and an Englishmen in the Royal Navy. They start as mortal enemies but meet and become friends. Later in the war, they are mortal enemies and throughout their careers, their lives intertwine testing their friendship because sometimes they are looking at each other over a gun barrel.

Derek Almer Counterterrorism Series

Derek Almer faces challenges common to second decade of the 21st Century. He hunts terrorists; puts drug dealers out of business; and holds corrupt officials in the U.S. government and industry accountable.

From the blog

Washington’s Actions Help Start the Seven Years’ War

June 9, 2024

In December 1753, Virginia’s Royal Governor, Robert Dinwiddie, sent newly commissioned Virginia militia Major George Washington and a small party of men to ask the French to leave their settlement at The Forks of the Ohio, a place we now call Pittsburgh. The French commander – Jacques Legardeur de Saint-Pierre – read Dinwiddie’s note and politely told Washington that the French were not leaving, and Dinwiddie’s note should have been sent to the French Governor General of Canada. Without orders from his boss, Saint-Pierre would not leave.

The Democratic-Republican Party Conundrum of the Election of 1808

June 2, 2024

James Madison, Jefferson’s Secretary of State, chose George Clinton, the Governor of New York, as his preferred running mate. However, both Clinton and James Monroe, then the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, and Clinton also sought the top job as the Democratic-Republican Party candidate.

Madison Used Tariffs to Force the British to Change Their Trade Policies

May 26, 2024

Slowly but steadily during the the 23 years Europe was consumed by war, U.S. manufacturing grew. By 1815, 20% of the workforce in the northern states – primarily Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont – was employed by manufacturing. In the southern states – Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia – only eight percent of the workers were in factories.

The Beginning of the Interstate Highway System

May 19, 2024

On March 29th, 1806, Congress passed the Cumberland Road Act, which authorized the Federal government to turn the path and wagon tract known as the Braddock Road into a real road. The road, now known as the Cumberland Road, was supposed to go from Fort Cumberland to the Mississippi River.