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Last Battles

After Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown in October 1781, the war raged on, mostly in North and South Carolina for two more years. Darren is still trying to find ways to get to Charleston to see Melody. Jaco is racing back and forth with key documents as the politicians dicker over peace terms. Amos Laredo is making the British Army’s life miserable, and Emily Smythe Burdette decides to emigrate to Charleston.

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The Red Star of Death

When Janis Goodrich retired from her life as The Red Star of Death, she was one of the most feared and accomplished assassins in the world. 9/11 changes everything. Counterterrorism is the mission and three intelligence agencies Cuba’s Dirección de Inteligencia, the organization that trained her in 1971, CIA and Mossad want to again use her services. The FBI wants to put her in jail.


Leave No Warrior Behind

Production of the documentary "Leave No Warrior Behind, the Untold Story of HC-7" is in progress.

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Age of Sail Series

In Raider of the Scottish Coast, the Continental Navy is born and its captains are ordered to disrupt British commerce. To do so, they have fight the best trained, equipped and experienced Navy in the world, the Royal Navy. Carronade follows the story to England where Jaco’s friend Darren Smythe is now caption of Gladius, a frigate armed with twenty 12-pounders. When Dilletante fails to crush Scorpion, Smythe is given command of a small squadron. His sailing orders – sink or capture Scorpion.

New Book This Fall

Derek Almer Counterterrorism Series

In Flight of the Pawnee, Al Qaeda sends its top bomb maker to the U.S. His mission – kill at least 10,000 Americans in one attack! In Failure to Fire, Derek Almer is encouraged to start a small think tank by a friend in the CIA to research the threat of man portable, shoulder mounted surface to air missiles known by the acronym. MANPADS.


The Josh Haman Series

From the Vietnam War to the post-Cold War era, Josh Haman is tasked with difficult, if not impossible missions. Many of the enemies he encounters are known but often the more dangerous ones are within.


Professional Speaking

Marc is a sought after speaker on a wide range of topics that include writing and getting and published, business and leadership, foreign affairs to what he refers to as living history.

Video Podcast

When I first started my YouTube channel, the plan was to provide “teasers” on speeches as well as insight into each book. Well, that has evolved. So, what you’ll start seeing on my channel are recordings of speeches, albeit edited a bit as well as videos on specific topics.

I plan to add the videos frequently which may be recorded in a studio, in front of a live audience or in the privacy of my office. The content is going to be interesting and often shed fresh light on old topics, or cover topics of interest to those who have read my novels and those who don’t. 

The focus is going to be on aviation, but I reserve the right to add a my two cents to a timely topic.

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Author & Professional Speaker


Marc is an experienced pilot and writer whose career as a Naval Officer and Naval Aviator, business executive, consultant and entrepreneur helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a novelist. In the novels, Marc creates stories with rich, interesting characters and puts them in the proper historical and operational context. His books are memorable, exciting and fun to read. Marc also shares his experiences through public speaking events.


Learn about the books Marc has written as well as those he is planning to write. There’s also his blog, reviews of his books and articles on flying you should enjoy reading plus lots more!

Professional Speaker

Marc speaks about the following topics:

  • Business & Leadership
  • Living History & Marc’s Military Experience
  • Writing & Getting Published

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Treaty of Mortefontaine’s Far-Reaching Effect

July 21, 2024

From France’s perspective, it needed to end the Quasi-War as fast as possible. In 1800, France, and its ally Spain, were embroiled in the War of the Second Coalition against England, Prussia, Russia, the Holy Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and a long list of small states who wanted to restore Bourbon rule of France.

Jefferson’s Undeclared War

July 7, 2024

After the election of 1800, the Democratic-Republicans held solid majorities in both houses but refused to give Jefferson his declaration of war. Instead, Jefferson received an authorization to use force that authorized the Navy to seize Tripolitan ships and cargoes and to commission privateers.

Distributing the Declaration of Independence to We the People

June 30, 2024

The first copies were printed in Franklin’s print shop and the first public readings occurred on July 8th, 1776. A copy was taken to the Continental Army to be read to all the soldiers, so they understood why they were fighting.

President Washington’s Letter About Religious Freedom

June 23, 2024

Opponents of this position (establishing a state religion), namely Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, were vehemently opposed to a state-sponsored religion. They pointed out that state-sponsored religions often restricted citizens’ freedom to practice another religion or none at all.