The Simushir Island Incident

A missile fired by North Koreans from a Russian island by North Koreans who are protecting an illegal drug factory owned by a Hong Kong company shoots down an American spy plane. Josh Haman has to shut down the factory without starting World War III.


Raider of the Scottish Coast

The Continental Navy is born and its captains are ordered to disrupt British commerce. To do so, they have fight the best trained, equipped and experienced Navy in the world, the Royal Navy. 


Flight of the Pawnee

Al Qaeda sends its top bomb maker to the U.S. His mission – kill at least 10,000 Americans in one attack!


The Josh Haman Series

From the Vietnam War to the post-Cold War era, Josh Haman is tasked with difficult, if not impossible missions. Many of the enemies he encounters are known but often the more dangerous ones are within.


Professional Speaking

Marc is a sought after speaker on a wide range of topics that include writing and getting and published, business and leadership, foreign affairs to what he refers to as living history.


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Author & Professional Speaker


Marc is an experienced pilot and writer whose career as a Naval Officer and Naval Aviator, business executive, consultant and entrepreneur helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a novelist. In the novels, Marc creates stories with rich, interesting characters and puts them in the proper historical and operational context. His books are memorable, exciting and fun to read. Marc also shares his experiences through public speaking events.


Learn about the books Marc has written as well as those he is planning to write. There’s also his blog, reviews of his books and articles on flying you should enjoy reading plus lots more!

Professional Speaker

Marc speaks about the following topics:

  • Business & Leadership
  • Living History & Marc’s Military Experience
  • Writing & Getting Published

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Paying Loans Back is Hell When One Is Broke

January 24, 2021

he 1778 Treaty of Alliance between France and the U.S. bound the two countries together to fight a common enemy, i.e. England and, for the Founding Fathers the treaty achieved…

The First of Two 1778 Treaties With France

January 17, 2021

As soon as French diplomat Conrad Alexandre Gérard de Rayneval’s quill pen finished scratching across the paper that was the Treaty of Alliance, he brought the French into the war…

The Land of the Bean and the Cod

January 10, 2021

Fishing rights off the Newfoundland and the entrance to the St. Lawrence River were bones of contention during treaty negotiations at the end of the Seven Years War in 1763…

First Ten Countries to Recognize the New United States of America

January 3, 2021

It is one thing for a geographic entity to declare independence as a country, but another to be recognized. For the new United States of America, diplomatic recognition came from…