Marc Liebman, Author & Professional Speaker


Role of a Senior Staff Officer
on the Seventh Fleet Staff

What attendees will learn:
What life as a senior staff officer on a deployed staff is like – one part diplomat, one part ally, one part military officer.

During his career, Marc worked for the Chief of Staff for Plans and Operations for the U.S. Seventh Fleet based in Yokosuka, Japan. At the time, the fleet’s primary war-fighting roles could range from:

• Global war against the Soviet Union;
• A major regional conflict on the Korean peninsula;
• Fighting with the Peoples Republic of China; to
• Supporting allied nations such as the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand in counter-terrorism/insurgency/drug/piracy operations.

Depending on the day, meeting or phone conversation one could be:
1. Having a discussion with a foreign government’s defense ministry about what type of training could be included in a joint exercise; or
2. Chairing a conference call with U.S. State Department officials and others about evacuating U.S. citizens from a war torn country or sending ships to provide disaster relief from a typhoon, earthquake or monsoon; or
3. Briefing a four star general on Navy operations in support of his war planning goals and target selection; or
4. Working with an ally on a joint exercise or operation; or
5. Who knows what else? The challenges never stopped…