Marc Liebman, Author & Professional Speaker


Navy Combat Search and Rescue
Over and Around North Vietnam

What the attendees will learn:
What and where the Navy’s combat search and rescue operations were conducted during the Vietnam War.

The common perception is that the Air Force got all the combat rescues during the Vietnam War.  The truth is that 50% of the combat rescues were made in and around North Vietnam were made by Navy crews.

This speech is what Marc calls his ”Grandpa, what did you do in the Vietnam War?” talk.  His presentation is based on his experience as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War and is the basis for two of his novels, Big Mother 40 and Cherubs 2.

Very few people know that Navy helicopters flew in the northern Tonkin Gulf off the coast of North Vietnam and when needed, over the coast.  Missions varied from the mundane logistics flights carrying people, mail, and cargo to combat search and rescue and special operations, primarily the insertion and extraction of reconnaissance teams.