Marc Liebman, Author & Professional Speaker


Guerilla Marketing a Book

What the audience will learn:
How does one market the published work?

One of the “things” publishers insist a new author provide is a well thought out marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be perfect because what they really want to know is have you, the author, thought through the answer to the question of “Who will buy the finished work?”

Publishers are in the business of making money and they make it only if your book sells. Or, in the case of pay-to-publish, they get it from you and care less about follow-on sales. Or, if you are self-publishing, they make it through fees and if the book sells, great. If not, they’ve made a profit and go on to the next project.

In the latter two cases, whether or not the book is a best seller or a dud, doesn’t matter. In the first, case, an author, new or one with an established brand, needs to be ready to describe how he/she will help the publisher “sell” the book.

So, unless you’ve got a contract with one of the major publishing companies, selling the book is going to be up to you! So, the plan has to be practical because you, the writer, have to be prepared to execute it. In the presentation, Marc goes through the table of contents as he covers:
• The key elements of a marketing plan;
• Where you can get the data;
• Potential venues to sell the book; and
• How to sell the book when you are face to face with a potential buyer.