Marc Liebman, Author & Professional Speaker


About My Novels

What the audience will learn:
Attendees will learn:
1. Why I wrote the books?
2. What is the core message in each book?
3. The stories behind each of the main characters?
4. How the plots evolved?

Each of Marc’s books has a message that he wanted to convey to the audience. Many of the characters are based on people he has known and some of the plot scenes are based on real events in his or his family’s life.

The presentation takes the audience through the background for at least two books and goes into the historical context and how it affects the plot and the characters. Each character has a theme, e.g. in Render Harmless, there is a World War II German paratrooper who becomes a mercenary and then, after a career in the Bundeswehr, loses his moral compass.

The main character or hero – Josh Haman – learns how to be a leader in Cherubs 2. In Big Mother 40, a Soviet officer and his Vietnamese counterpart share command of a secret missile base. They face conflicting demands from their respective governments and internal conflicts about the war and their fate.
In Forgotten, a woman who is one of the two main characters finds a new and exciting career, but in the end, realizes she has lost a lot and can’t have a “normal” relationship.

It takes about ten – twelve minutes/per book so the time allotted for the speech drives the number of books that can be covered. In the presentation, Marc answers the four questions listed above as well as many more about his novels that are in print and those he is working on.