Dicta Haman


  1. Always assume the bad guys are smarter than you.
  2. You’ll live longer by being sneaky and stealthy than if you are brave and bold.
  3. Be unpredictable. Predictability gets you killed.
  4. Always have one more viable alternative than the bad guys.
  5. Expect the unexpected. That’s why you have so many alternatives worked out.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for all the help you need, and then use it wisely.
  7. The best way to demonstrate your skill in the cockpit is by completing the mission
    and bringing everyone home alive and the machine undamaged.
  8. Plan your own missions. Don’t ever let anyone plan it for you unless they will be
    sitting in the cockpit with you.
  9. Build your own intelligence picture to augment/clarify what the spooks tell you.
  10. Complacency is as dangerous as the enemy and just as deadly.
  11. Teamwork keeps you alive, individuality gets you killed.

Dying is an individual event and is to be avoided whenever possible.

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