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A New Kind of Query

With the last of the seven books in the Josh Haman series under contract to published this fall, I’ve started on a new four book series with Derek Almer as the main character. The first novel is called Flight of the Pawnee and is ready to go to a publisher. I’d like...

Queries Take You to Strange Places

One of the drudgeries of being an author without an agent is writing queries. That is, of course, you want to find an agent to help get one of your manuscripts with a “big” publisher who has clout or owns one of the major distribution companies. This leads to books...

Writing History Is Hard

Last month, I started writing my first attempt at non-fiction. It is called Gold and Silver Wings and is what I call a “memiography.”  Memiography is a word I created so it is not in Webster’s yet and it is a book that is one part autobiography, one part memoir and...


Marc is an experienced pilot and writer whose career as a Naval Officer and Naval Aviator, business executive, consultant and entrepreneur helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a novelist. In the novels, Marc creates stories with rich, interesting characters and puts them in the proper historical and operational context. His books are memorable, exciting and fun to read.


Cherubs 2
Big Mother 40
Render Harmless
Inner Look
Moscow Airlift


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