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BOOK REVIEWS Praise for Render Harmless, “Magnificently malevolent!  Render Harmless taps into the nation’s latest fascination with the Cold War and the days leading

Who Is Josh Haman Josh Haman, like the other characters in the book, is a combination of people which makes him different from your “typical” book or movie hero.

International Communication Cycle Times in the 18th Century

The pace of life was so much slower in the 18th Century than it is today. There’s no better example than in the time it took to go from Philadelphia to Paris, France. Assuming there was a direct flight, an airliner could cover the 4,000 nautical miles between...

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John Barry – The Godfather of the Modern U.S. Navy

In 1784, right after the Treaty of Paris was signed that ended the American Revolution the Continental Congress disestablished both the Army and the Navy. The few remaining ships of the Continental Navy were sold and the Army turned over its weapons to the state...

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The Unusual History of the First U.S.S. America

Some may remember the Kitty Hawk class aircraft carrier named U.S.S. America (CV-66). Others may have heard of the current U.S.S. America (LHA-6), a 45,000 ton amphibious assault ship. But how many know about the first U.S.S. America, a 74-gun ship of the line? During...

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PHOTO CREDIT Ernie Banks HH-3A photo was taken from the deck of the USS CORAL SEA (CV-43). Ernie Banks was a member of HC-7 Detachment 110 May, 1973 to September 1974. He enlisted in the Navy in 1953 and served as an air crewman in several squadrons. Ernie retired in 1974 and currently lives in Arizona.
Marc Speaks Candidly About Flying
Marc speaks candidly about flying helicopters in the U.S. Navy. You’ll get a unique perspective from someone who has been a Helicopter Aircraft Commander and who’s flown helicopters off a variety of ships from destroyers to carriers to battleships. This section will have material that you won’t find anywhere in books and will be frequently updated.   VIEW
Special Ops Rules to Live By
These are hard-won lessons learned from a career that involved planning, flying and sending others on special operations missions.   VIEW
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Marc is an experienced pilot and writer whose career as a Naval Officer and Naval Aviator, business executive, consultant and entrepreneur helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a novelist. In the novels, Marc creates stories with rich, interesting characters and puts them in the proper historical and operational context. His books are memorable, exciting and fun to read.


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